The Million Mumbai Neighbourhood Travels von , in .

Im oktagonalen Turmbau der Galerie hat Kaiwan Metha das Archivmaterial zu seinem Buch: „Alice in Bhuleshwar“ ausgebreitet. Eine städtebauliche und gesellschaftliche Auseinandersetzung mit Blick auf einen Stadtteil Mumbais. „A city is quintessentially a coming together of ideas and images, which get choreographed into sets of narratives. Ideas that allow migrants to imagine a life, and traders to aspire to riches, defines the space and geography of cities; while images that travel through memory and craftsmanship, nostalgia and myth draw the way our cities look, or how we imagine them. The coming together of multiple ideas and images is explored through the structures of „neighbourhood“ and „community“ in Alice in Bhuleshwar: Navigating a Mumai Neighbourhood. The nature and structure of a city, and the methodology to comprehend and study this structure have been the central questions, explored through a series of processes and collections. These processes, and collections of materials and ideas, resulted in an archive – an archive, which best explains the nature of objects and ideas, stories and images, that come together to produce a city, a neighbourhood, a community. … This exhibition is a presentation of this „archive“.